Advertising Contract


Name of Business: ________________________________________________________

Address for Invoice: (street) _________________________________________________

       (city) ___________________________ (state) ____ (zip) _________

Phone: _______________FAX: _______________        e-mail: ______________

Name of Contact Person: ­­­­­­___________________________________________

Number of issues ad will run: ______     Estimated Amount of contract: _________

Select issues by entering the ad size after the appropriate month (months do not have to be consecutive):

Be sure to check the current “Ad Information Sheet” for publication months. 

October (1ST Edition)___________                   December (Christmas Issue) ________

February (Spring Break Issue)_____                     May (Graduation Issue) _____________



Size Price
Business Card                                                        $50
Banner on top or bottom of page                  $75
Quarter Page___________________        $80
Half Page__________________  __    __ $100
Full Page__________________       __      $200
Website Ad Space                                           $50


We can stuff insert advertising that you provide.  The cost of stuffing is $100 for our 1000 issue run.



  1. Publications Dates/Deadline: Publication dates change due to school calendar and events. We publish 4 times during the school year, September through May.  Ad space is reserved by this signed contract.
  2. Payment: The full amount of the contract must be paid prior to publishing your first ad. You will be sent a tear sheet as well as a notice each month that you have an ad. We will indicate when your next ad will run.
  3. Design Charges: We do not charge a fee to design your ad. We do charge $20 to provide you a hard copy and digital copy should you wish to have it for additional publications or reproductions.
  4. Camera-Ready: We accept e-mailed ads or ads on CD. They should be submitted in tiff, eps, or pdf format. We design using PhotoShop and InDesign on PC computers.
  5. Ad Changes: We encourage running the same ad each month, but you may change your ad-size or design within the dates of this contract.
  6. Editorial Content: Student editors reserve the right to approve or reject content.
  7. Ad Placement: Purchasing a premium position guarantees placement. When available, we may move ads to premium spaces without additional charges.


Company Representative: ______________________________   Date ________________

The Prowl Advisor:____________________________________  Date ________________


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