This course serves as the Newspaper Production and may provide students insights into college and career choices.

This course is designed to enable students to learn the art and craft of reporting, writing, and presenting the news. Students will focus on the philosophy of strong ethical journalism, the roles for a publication, organizational and teamwork skills, and finally, the structural as well as business aspects of a school news publication.

You will practice journalism, writing articles in a variety of styles and publishing them online. Classes will include discussions, workshops, group and individual meetings, writing, revising, and publishing. Periodically you will read and discuss recently published articles that have appeared in print or online.

· Students are required to meet assigned deadlines for in class publications.
· Attendance to outside events (games, lectures, dances, plays, etc.) to cover assigned stories is mandatory.
· Students are expected to uphold a positive and respectful attitude.
· All interviews are to be conducted in person, unless otherwise approved.

You may find yourself with several days to accomplish any number of things before deadline: conducting an interview outside of class, editing a draft of an article you’ve written, submitting a draft for online publication, researching your next story, and so forth. Students are expected to make use of the class time for journalism projects only.

Finally: Journalism is, among other things, an exploration of the world outside oneself. As you generate writing topics, avoid focusing on things about which you have already formed an opinion. Generate assignments that will force you to learn about things you don’t already know, or see things in a new way, from a new perspective.

Phone: (941) 723-4848  ext #: 2088

E-Mail: lopezn@manateeschools.net

Fax: (941) 723-4952

Nelson Lopez

The Prowl Newspaper Advisor

Varsity Girls Soccer Coach

Pre-AICE Language Arts

Journalism I-IV



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